Friday, November 30, 2012

Writing the job application materials. FUN!

  Whelp, I've done it. I've started applying to assistant professor tenure-track positions. Despite the fact that I don't feel ready (though I suspect that I am ready), positions at four institutions in areas I want to live and that I may actually be qualified for were posted this fall. I think that each of the institutions would be a good fit in a different way, though I do have a favorite or two. I realize that four applications may not seem like a lot, but it's a start for me.

  And it's meant revising all of my documents. While in the final year and a half of graduate school I applied to a handful of teaching positions and wrote up my teaching and research philosophies. I wrote cover letters that I know realize were too short and wouldn't grab attention and concentrated just on my dissertation research and not future projects. And I didn't get any further than the application. But now, it's for realz, which meant lots of time revising based on the advice of The Professor is In, a blog that I've linked to a couple of times. Perhaps these links could be of use to you.

While re-structuring my CV I used this post:

While writing my cover letters I used this:  

For research and teaching statements? I used these:

And above all, I tried not to sound like a grad student

  And then I had people read the materials and give me feedback. I learned some sad leasons - search commities don't care all the much about TA experience (even if it's nine semesters of teaching). I'll still tailor each package to the school and position I'm applying for, but now I have a core of documents that I'm confident in. Of course, I'll be even more confident if I land a job talk. Any suggestions from the audience on preparing job materials?

  Note on a great procrastination tool: look at available real estate properties in the area of your prospective jobs. Lose productive work time to virtually renovating kitchens and painting walls.


  1. CONGRATS on this big step! Can't wait to hear how it turns out for you. The blog you linked to is also brilliant. You are on top of things and will be quite a catch, I know.

    1. Thanks Dr Jabaily! And good luck with the grading marathon!